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We manage all meth cleanups responsibly and discreetly – with guaranteed results

P Cleanups for Houses

Our detailed process will reinstate your property to be healthy and habitable again

Local Cleaning are experienced methamphetamine decontamination and restoration contractors that use approved procedures and guidelines to safely remove meth contamination from properties. We provide services for residential, commercial, government, and industrial properties to return them to be clean, healthy and safe again. We also offer consultancy services to property owners on remediation options and how to remove the meth stigma around contaminated properties. We guarantee to fully decontaminate your property to the acceptable level of contamination and to properly dispose of all contaminated material as set out by the NZ Standard 8510:2017. Our proprietary cleaning products deliver exceptional results by removing harmful chemicals, toxic gases, and other hazardous residues. All of our cleaning technicians undergo extensive industry and practical on-site training to ensure a positive outcome to each project we undertake. We do meth decontamination for houses throughout the entire north island of New Zealand. Contact us for a free discreet quote.

Meth Cleaning for Motels and Hotels

We can remove all traces of meth contaminants from your property

When your hotel or motel rooms are affected by meth use or by manufacturing drugs, Local Cleaning are the experts to decontaminate these business assets. Our team also specialises in handling meth lab cleanup services for commercial buildings, hotels and warehouses. We always exercise the utmost care and discretion in dealing with these enquiries. We understand that having a meth contaminated premises can be a sensitive issue for business owners, and our team is experienced in handling every step of the process, doing so in a discreet and careful manner. We always use unbranded vehicles as well as unmarked uniforms to not advertise our presence in your neighbourhood or to the media. We do meth decontamination for motels and hotels from Auckland to Wellington and everything in between. Contact us for a free discreet quote.

Contaminated Junk Removal

We remove and dispose of contaminated materials responsibly

Local Cleaning are your contaminated junk removal experts, removing contaminated rubbish & junk from anywhere. Our service includes a complete waste removal and clean-up service, leaving no mess behind. We are eco-friendly and environmentally responsible. We remove and dispose of all contaminated waste materials, furniture and junk in a responsible manner at an approved facility where we are issued with a ‘crush and bury’ certificate to certify that the contaminated materials have been properly disposed of. All contaminated items to be disposed of shall be made unusable so they cannot be recycled or reused. This “Crush and Bury’ Certificate also forms part of our decontamination report we issue at the end of each decontamination project.

Removing of Unpleasant Odours

We offer professional odour removal services that permanently remove the full spectrum of bad odours by using our Ozone Fresh-Applicators, deodorisers, and antibacterial agents. Our ozone treatment is most effective as a treatment against stubborn, unpleasant odours like pet odours, urine, smoke, mildew, nicotine, stale air and more. Our professional ozone machines neutralise odours by penetrating all surfaces in the room including carpets, underlay, curtains, and structural materials and will eradicate odours completely. Odours are typically caused by bacterial growth and steam cleaning will help to kill these bacteria. The good news is that we can remove these odours forever.

Need to sell a P contaminated house?

We have investors who buy meth contaminated houses and problem houses, as-is, New Zealand wide. Whether your house has been meth contaminated, neglected, or vandalised we can help. We understand the burden and costly nature of rectifying a meth contaminated house. If you don’t want to deal with the burden your property is posing, contact our office and ask for a cash offer for your property. We will investigate the property and should get you a cash offer. Call our office for details or fill the form below for us to be in touch.

Consultancy & Advisory Services

We train staff as well as guide and oversee projects for other decontamination contractors

We are expert decontamination contractors that also offer consultancy & advisory services to other decontamination contractors on remediation options and how to remove the meth stigma around contaminated properties. We manage all meth cleans responsibly and discreetly and we are regulatory compliant as a decontamination contractor to the NZ Standard (NZS8510:2017) on testing and decontamination of methamphetamine-contaminated properties.

Our consultancy and advisory service offers industry training as well as guide and oversee projects on behalf of other decontamination contractors throughout New Zealand. Some decontamination contractors are willing to take on the decontamination of properties as a project but lack the know-how and accreditation to successfully decontaminate a property. As a regulatory compliant P-decontamination contractor with the knowledge and project management advisory services, we can oversee any property decontamination. We also issue a compliant clearance certificate on completion as proof of a successful decontamination.

Our consultancy and advisory services for other decontamination contractors include the complete project job scope and project management for the decontamination, stipulating the following and more:

  • Site inspection & briefing
  • Complete a detailed on-site decontamination assessment – documented
  • Create a site work plan / job scope for both inside and outside of the building
  • Site security access and necessary signage
  • Site safety, health and safety plan – brief, prepare, implement, inspection and approval
  • Scope on appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Scope on removal and disposal of contaminated waste, carpets, furniture, junk, and other materials
  • Decommission electricity, install external electricity source with earth leakage safety device
  • Ventilation procedures for the building
  • Decontamination & encapsulation procedures
  • Complete decontamination cleanup process know-how
  • Appropriate cleaning products and materials to use
  • Issue a decontamination report and other documentation to the client and testing agency
  • Issue of a compliant clearance certificate on the decontaminated property

We can answer all your concerns, give us a call today.

  • We can totally remove all traces of Meth contaminants from your property
  • We manage all meth cleans responsibly and discreetly
  • Stress-Free solutions to your meth cleanups
  • We decontaminate for as little as $2000
  • We GUARANTEE you successful results
  • We help with your insurance claim
  • Our reports are legally defensible
  • Meth contamination could have implications on your property’s LIM report
  • Meth cleanups on a average residential house takes around 3 – 7 days
  • We do meth cleanups for hotels, motels and commercial buildings.
  • We can remove a full spectrum of bad odours
  • Our detailed process will reinstate your building to be healthy and habitable again.
  • Our proprietary cleaning products deliver exceptional results
  • We remove and dispose of contaminated materials responsibly
  • We issue property clearance certificates of approval
  • We are regulatory compliant to the decontamination standard
  • We offer a comprehensive, total peace of mind, P decontamination service
  • We helped others in your situation
  • All your answers a just a phone call away – Call now.
  • A detailed meth test can save you thousands on decontamination.
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