Understanding Meth Testing

There are basically two levels of tests done for methamphetamine: Screening Assessment and Detailed Assessments.

Meth Testing Options

Screening Assessment vs Detailed Assessment

Screening assessment tests are used as meth-presence tests in a property before any detailed testing is undertaken. Either instant or lab-based screening assessments are available from your preferred meth testing agency.

Anyone wanting to establish if there is methamphetamine present in a building should first start with screening tests, which is also called a presence test, baseline test or indicator test to screen for the presence of meth. The screening assessment test is the easiest and the cheapest test to detect the presence of P/Meth in a property. This test is also recommended at the beginning and end of a tenancy. If no presence of meth is detected, the property is clear and there is no need to do any further tests. In the case where a positive meth-presence test result is obtained, further comprehensive testing (detailed assessment tests) is required to determine the contamination level and whether the results are below or above the safe level in every area of the property.

Detailed assessment tests are used in the case where meth is detected by a screening assessment test. Comprehensive test samples are taken to identify the individual levels of contamination in each area of the property. Any results above the acceptable contamination level of 1.5μg/100 cm2 will mean decontamination is required.

Detailed assessments follow the NIOSH 9111 method and the recommendations of the NZ Standard for methamphetamine sampling. This testing method is aimed to determine the level of contamination in each area of a property where certain P contamination is present. Individual area samples are taken to be tested by an accredited laboratory, allowing you to determine the specific levels of methamphetamine contamination for each individual area tested. This type of test is designed to assess where the contamination is within the property. It is also accompanied by a detailed assessment report from your testing agency with the necessary decontamination suggestions to remedy the contaminated property.

Please Note: This information on meth testing is merely an indication to provide our customers on what testing options are available. Please take note that according to the NZ Standard (NZS8510:2017), decontamination contractors shall be independent from screening samplers to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

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