Methamphetamine (P) Decontamination and Cleaning

Meth Cleaners - Taranaki, Whanganui and Palmerston North

Is your house, motel or hotel contaminated by meth? We offer a comprehensive P decontamination service through our Meth Cleaners brand.

We provide a stress-free solution with guaranteed results using approved guidelines and methods to safely remove meth contamination from properties. Serving both residential and commercial, we will decontaminate your property according to NZ Standard (NZS8510:2017).

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How much will it cost to decontaminate my house?
How long does it take to decontaminate?
We’ll issue your property green card
Renting a property affected by meth (‘P’)
No rip & strip destruction needed
We help with your insurance claims

Meth Cleaners