Floor & Tile Steam Cleaning

Floor and tile cleaning

We clean, restore and polish hard floor surfaces for residential and commercial buildings. By using steam and eco-friendly cleaning products, equipment and technology we provide a full spectrum of hard floor and tile cleaning to make your floors and tiles appear new again. We can also fully restore tile grout by steam cleaning and resealing.

By using the power of steam cleaning, you can free grime and dirt while also removing bacteria – all without the use of harsh chemicals.

We do manual and machine floor and tile cleaning to remove old polish, dirt and grime from floors. A floor stripper designed for the removal of water based floor finishers is applied before the physical cleaning starts. After the floor cleaning process, re-sealing and polish re-coating is applied that leaves your floor and tiles with a hygienic, streak-free shine.

We professionally clean the following:
 Wooden Floor Cleaning
Tile, Stone & Grout Cleaning
 Tile Grout Cleaning & Restoration
 Vinyl Floor Stripping & Resealing
 Commercial Floor Cleaning

Clean more than just your floors!

Availability & Pricing

We are available for contact 24/7 to discuss your need. Generally we can attend to your cleaning need in the next day or two. We also provide free, no-obligation quotes for all of our services.

Why Choose Us?

Talk to a real person 24/7
Certified Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
We are available at short notice
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Reliable & Affordable Cleaning Services
Security Cleared Staff
Fully Insured

Our Guarantee

Local Cleaning Guarantee 100% Satisfaction – We take great pride in all our work and offer the highest industry standards in terms of products, equipment and expertise. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the service you received, please call us 24/7 on 0800 274831 to discuss your concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most customers prefer to leave a key out for us if they can not be there on our arrival. We also pick up and drop off keys. Rental managers and customers no longer have to schedule appointments to meet our cleaners at the property. Keys can be picked up at any time, and are dropped off immediately after the work has been completed.
There will be an additional charge to move furniture. We prefer that you pre-move your furniture or allow us to wash around them. We generally move lounge suites and chairs as required, but we ask that you remove any small items and breakables before we start cleaning. We cannot move electronics, dressers, heavy beds, sectionals or furniture that will be difficult to move for our technician.
No, it is not essential for someone to be home. Many customers and rental agencies will leave a key out for us to enter by ourselves. Our cleaning technicians are trained professionals you can trust to be on site alone. If we need to discuss the cleaning need or the quotation before we can commence with the work, it is advisable that a decision maker be on site when we arrive.
Normally only a single technician will arrive at a residential dwelling for any of our cleaning services. The number of technicians can vary, depending on the size of the job or the time allocated to complete a particular job.
We use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products that are environmentally responsible. They are made from plant-based compounds to ensure that you have cleaning products that are biodegradable and non-toxic without compromises on the cleaning power. It means it is good for you, good for your business and good for the planet too!

The ingredients and production methods for Advance Nature products are Environmental Choice New Zealand certified and are;

Proudly NZ Made
Plant based technology
Workplace tested for proven cleaning confidence

Here at Local Cleaning we opt for Eco-friendly products to also help protect your health and that of our staff by minimising exposure to harmful chemicals. However, if you require specialist stain treatment there may be some instances where a harsher cleaning solution will achieve a better result. After the desired result is obtained by applying these chemicals, we will rinse-wash those affected areas to rinse out these chemicals by using our normal steam cleaning process and friendly biodegradable shampoo.

Our technicians require payment upon completion of the service. We can accept payment by way of Cash, Eftpos or major Credit Cards. We email issue a GST invoice for every job done for your records.